We were commissioned to make the furniture for the offices of a funeral center in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republico f Congo. The pieces were designed with a classic style according to the sobriety of the space.

Noble Woods such as Sapelly and Wood in light tones were used for the finishing and recercades, the main characteristics of this Wood are that its sapwood has a whitecream color and the heartwood becomes more brownreddish.

It has a fine grain and it is resistant to the water.

Auxiliary furniture made of Sapelly wood and light-toned wood finishes were also made to match the table. This furniture was finished off with an upper border with a two-color fretwork design and a lower perimeter solid walnut wood base.

We were also commissioned to provide the seating for this project. In this case we made a classic chair of solid wood.

The seat and back were upholstered with top quality fabric in beige tones and foams of adequate consistency were used, all using fireproof materials.

This high sideboard was made of walnut wood and finished off with light-colored wood.

In the upper part, shelves of safety glass were placed and zenithal LED lights were installed to illuminate the whole piece of furniture.

Solid walnut wood was used for the upper moulding and the lower skirting board.